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Hope held by Janet   Beauty held by Shari. Photo by Connie Walker


I am a RedRover Responder, volunteering with the California-based organization, RedRover, in establishing and managing emergency shelters for animals in times of disaster or other emergencies. RedRover typically partners with other organizations -- usually the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), ASPCA, or American Humane Association -- which take the lead in the rescue and bring RedRover in to assist in the rescue and run the shelter. (The RedRover Responders program was formerly known as the Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) of United Animal Nations.)


I've been deployed four times as a RedRover responder. The first time was in Maine in 2007 for the State of Maine seizure of over 200 animals from a puppy mill. The 2nd time was in March, 2010, in rural DeKalb,Mississippi, for the seizure of 180 abused and neglected dogs from a hoarder. In March, 2011, I was deployed to rural northeast Arizona to care for neglected and abused dogs seized from a hoarder, and during the summer of 2011, I deployed to Minot, North Dakota to help at a temporary animal shelter for victims of a major flood.


At the Mississippi deployment in 2010, I was part-time Communications Assistant, writing the daily blog and taking photograph. Here are some of the photographs I took . . .


Days 1&2: Preparations & Dogs Arrive
  The Dogs & Their Care
Going Home - The Dogs Are Put on An HSUS Rig for Transport to Animal Rescues in the East Coast for Rehabilitation and Adoption