About Me

I've had the good fortune to have had several different careers, all fun and rewarding. I started as a university librarian, then worked in research in D.C. in delegation selection processes of the states, then was an attorney with a law firm in Hartford, CT, then was Executive Assistant to the Connecticut Bank Commissioner, then was Senior Vice President of a bank in Bridgeport, then became Director of the Legislative Commissioners' Office (legislative bill drafting office) at the Connecticut Legislature, and now own an online bookstore.

I've also worked as a volunteer in areas as diverse as organizing the Cesar Chavez grape boycott movement in Binghamton, NY in the 1960s, to serving as Chairperson of the Bridgeport Board of Police Commissioners in Bridgeport, CT two decades later.

During the past few years, my volunteer work has been focused on animals. I've been a volunteer at the Connecticut Humane Society in several capacities: train dogs to help make them more adoptable; walk dogs; socialize cats; take photographs of animals, volunteers, etc. that the Humane Society uses on its website, in its annual calendars, and in newsletters; and initiated the process under which volunteers write descriptions of animals for the website
. The Connecticut Humane Society has had a much-needed partial management shake-up and is now an organization at which I've very proud to volunteer, where the talented and dedicated behavior and animal care staff, with the help of volunteers, provide needed individualized and loving care for the animals while finding them new, good homes.


I also volunteer with the wonderful RedRover Responders, which creates and manages temporary emergency animal shelters for animals in disasters or seized from hoarders or puppy mills. For photos from my assignment with RedRover at an emergency shelter in Maine, click here, and for photos from an emergency shelter in rural Arizona, click here http://lpquicksite.lunarpages.com/frontend/pages.php?page_id=11883  I'm also a member of Region 3 of the Connecticut State Animal Rescue Team (CTSART), and volunteer for PETA, as part of its writing committee.


Also, once I realized that all animals -- human and non-human alike -- have the same capacity for pain and suffering, I became a vegetarian, refusing to eat or wear animals, or in any other way be even indirectly responsible for the abuse or death of any living being who feels pain and suffering. I stopped using products that have been tested on animals, stopped watching "entertainment" that uses animals, etc. And knowing of the huge number of loving dogs of all breeds who are "thrown away" by people each year and killed at animal control facilities, particularly in the South, while puppy mills keep breeding dogs in inhumane conditions for sale to pet stores, and even reputable breeders just keep adding to animal overpopulation, I work to convince people to find their animal companions at animal shelters.

I live in Cromwell, CT with my musician husband, Phil, and 22 year old stepdaughter, Kathrin. We share our home with two rescue cats, big Woody, who's a dog in cat's clothing, quite neurotic (we named him after Woody Allen) and so gentle with people that he's been a therapy cat, and shy sweetie Sabra who we need to keep apart from Woody because, if given the opportunity, he'd eat her for lunch.




Woody playing the "air banjo"


Sweet, gentle Sabra